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We Create Intelligent Service Robots that are Reliable & Efficient

Restaurants/Cafe - Series T (Delivery)

The T-Series robots (also known affectionately as DINERBOTS) are a great staple for food & beverage establishments, especially restaurants. 
Incorporating self-developed synchronous localization and map (SLAM) positioning and multi-sensor fusion algorithms, the T Series robots can seamlessly navigate and operate within the dynamic environment of the food and beverage service industry by carrying out functions such as intelligently avoiding obstacles to optimizing route planning. 
We have multiple models of various sizes that can carry many weights and work better in differing environments. Some of our robots are so compact they can fit in a space of 50cm.

T8 (Least Space required)

T9 (Most Trays) & T9 Pro (Advance features)

T10 - 3 Trays with Screen

T10 (Latest) - 4 tray with Mobile Display

T3 (Large Capacity)

A Robot Waiter: What is it?

Robot waiters are innovative machines designed to assist in serving food and drinks in restaurants. They use advanced technologies like sensors and cameras to move autonomously or semi-autonomously around the dining area.

With trays or platforms equipped, they can deliver orders and clear tables. Some automated waiter models feature voice recognition for interactive communication with diners, adding a personalized touch to service.

Robot waiters navigate effortlessly around obstacles and crowds, enhancing efficiency and customer experience. Their popularity stems from their ability to lessen the workload of human wait staff maintain hygiene standards, and create a futuristic ambience. Especially in recent times, their contactless service has become increasingly valued in the restaurant industry.

How do Robot Waiter or AI Waiter Operate?

Robot waiters, or AI waiters, operate using a combination of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and sensors. They are programmed to perform specific tasks within the restaurant environment. Here’s a breakdown of their typical operation:

  • Navigation: Robot food servers use sensors and cameras to navigate around the restaurant, avoiding obstacles.
  • Food Delivery: Once orders are ready, the robot delivers them accurately to the correct table.
  • Interactive Display – Menus or promotions can be uploaded onto the cloud platform and screen it on the robot screen

Examples of Automated Waiter

The T-Series robots, also known as DINERBOTS, are purpose-built for the food and beverage industry, particularly restaurants. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these automated robots boast advanced navigation capabilities utilizing self-developed synchronous localization and mapping (SLAM) positioning alongside multi-sensor fusion algorithms. This ensures precise and efficient movement within dynamic environments.

By utilizing intelligent operations, they can navigate around obstacles and optimize route planning to ensure seamless operation. With the flexibility to adjust to different environments, these robots are capable of meeting a wide range of food service needs. They are compatible with a variety of sizes and capacities.

T8 - Least Space Required

  • Ideal for tight spaces, ensuring efficient service even in cramped areas.
  • Despite its small size, it maintains a high level of functionality and maneuverability.
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T9 - Most Trays

  • Designed to carry multiple trays, maximizing efficiency by serving more customers simultaneously.
  • Equipped with advanced sensors to navigate busy restaurant environments effectively.

T9 Pro - Advanced Features

  • Includes additional features over the T9, providing enhanced performance and usability.
  • Integrates more advanced sensors and algorithms for superior obstacle avoidance and route optimization.
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T10 1

T10 - 3 Trays with Screen

  • Features 3 trays, suitable for medium-sized tasks.
  • Comes with a screen to display information and interact with staff and customers.

T10 (Latest) - 4 Trays with Mobile Display

  • Offers 4 trays for greater service capability.
  • Includes a mobile display to enhance interaction and provide dynamic information.

T3 - Large Capacity

  • Designed for large-scale operations, ideal for busy times and larger establishments.
  • Can carry heavy loads and larger quantities of items, reducing the need for frequent trips.

What is the Price of a Robot Waiter or AI Waiter?

Starting from just $199/month, break even within just 3 months of purchase with us. On top of that you can also leverage and utilize 50% grant from the productivity and solutions grant offered by Enterprise Singapore

Contact us directly for more detailed information on the pricing of our robot or AI waiter!

Benefits of Robot Restaurant Servers

The use of robot restaurant servers offers numerous benefits for both restaurant owners and customers. Here are some key advantages:

Increased Efficiency

Robot waiters can streamline restaurant operations by reducing the time it takes to serve customers


Enhanced by technology, AI waiters minimize human errors in order-taking and delivery

Labor Cost Savings

By reducing the need for human waitstaff, restaurants can save on labor costs, including wages, benefits, and training expenses

Improved Service Quality

With robot food servers, errors are minimized and orders are delivered quickly to customers

Hygiene and Safety

Robots can keep things cleaner because they don’t spread germs like people can

Data-Driven Insights

The data collected by automated waiters can be analyzed to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and service quality

Use Exotic to Integrate Technology into Your Restaurant

For restaurant owners looking to embrace the future of dining, Exotic Technologies offers a seamless way to integrate restaurant serving robots into their operations.

With our expertise in automated solutions, we can provide customized implementations that suit the specific needs of your restaurant. It ensures a smooth transition and maximum return on investment.

By partnering with Exotic, you can leverage the latest advancements in AI and robotics to enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive restaurant industry.