NAS Storage Solution

NAS Storage Solution

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Don’t limit yourself to expensive cloud storage or USB drives that lack the capacity you need. With our NAS Storage Solutions, you can sync files from any office or home computer to increase efficiency and ensure centralized, secure storage that is accessible right when you need it. You can easily share files among a variety of selected users, and the system is easy to manage with intuitive features designed to simplify and optimise your file storage needs. And with automatic file backup, you’ll never have to worry about losing valuable files in the event of unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters.

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Data Migration

We ensures that your archival tapes can be restored and data can be migrated at any time, and at a predictable cost, without the worry and cost of maintaining legacy backup systems and hardware.


Preventative Maintenance

Why is predictive maintenance important?

Fixing something before it breaks is more efficient and cost-effective than fixing it after it breaks. It helps…

  • Avoid downtime and improve productivity
  • Extend the life of assets and defer new purchases
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of repairs
  • Mitigate additional or related damage
  • Meet regulatory standards and compliance
  • Manage spare parts, materials and inventory
  • And ultimately, boost the bottom line

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