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Hospital & Nursing Homes - Series M (Medical)

Our cutting-edge M Series robot has been specifically engineered for healthcare environments thus, it is dedicated to maintaining the utmost cleanliness and safety which is incredibly important in environments such as hospitals and nursing homes. The M2 has passed the inspection and certification of the CMA certification body!
The M Series robot uses 6 disinfectant dry fog nozzles and 4 ultraviolet lamps to deliver thorough and efficient sanitization and disinfection. The dry fog technology ensures a comprehensive reach, covering every nook and cranny without leaving residues. This alongside the germicidal ultraviolet lamps allows the robot to create a sterile environment for patients and healthcare professionals. 
Our healthcare workers are constantly stretched thin with copious amounts of work that needs to constantly be done. This is why it is important to embrace robots that aid in delivering sanitation solutions that are quintessential to the well-being of those in your care.